2022 CBFA Board Member Candidates

Dr. Marty McMaHone

McBryde Professor of Business,
McLane College of Business
University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

McMahone, Marty.jpg

CBFA Member: 15 years


CBFA Involvement in Past 5 Years

I have been working as assistant editor for the JBIB since 2018. I have published one article and two book reviews in the last several years. I have attended four of the last five conferences, but I have mostly participated as an audience member and in discussions about presentations.


Primary Value of CBFA

I have especially appreciated connecting with a wide range of faculty at the annual conferences. I have found both the formal (presentations) and the informal (meals, etc.) discussions about connecting work, teaching and faith to be extremely helpful.


Vision for CBFA

I believe in the mission of the CBFA. I think this is a great organization. I also think it can be even better. I would love to contribute to its continued growth.

I would like to see CBFA become a unifying organization for Christian business faculty across all denominational colleges that take faith seriously. I would also like to see us find ways to connect with faculty who are committed Christians but are involved in secular institutions. I know involvement in CBFA can be challenging for that group because their universities might not consider presentations/publications at CBFA to be meaningful. One area where we could help ourselves there is if we can expand the number of papers we have offered at conferences and presented to the journals—which would result in a more competitive reception rate. I also believe we could benefit from some more local meetings that might present opportunities for faculty who cannot afford the monetary commitment of another national meeting.

Ideas for CBFA

I would really like to see CBFA reach more into the more underrepresented denominational groups that share the organization’s values. While there are a number of individual professors from Baptist universities, for instance, involved in CBFA, few of the Baptist business schools have an institutional interest in CBFA. I do realize the challenge that represents. Many of those universities have only a minimal commitment to integrating faith and learning. However, that is also the opportunity that CBFA has to make a greater impact on the private college environment. I would like to see us make a determined effort to recruit faculty from Christian colleges that are not currently active in CBFA.

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