2022 CBFA Board Member Candidates

Dr. Traci Pierce

Assistant Professor of Marketing
John Brown University

Pierce - Brick pic.jpg

CBFA Member:  9 years


CBFA Involvement in Past 5 Years

I have been a presenter, moderator, and member during the last 5 years. Moderator, 2021; Presenter, 2020 & 2019


Primary Value of CBFA

The primary value of the CBFA to me has been the fellowship among like-minded, Christian faculty in the business disciplines. When I first joined the CBFA, I was working at a “Christian” university that was not a CCCU school. I was the only participant at the CBFA from that university. I was greatly encouraged to experience true fellowship, worship, and learning among Christian faculty at the CBFA conference that I had not experienced in the institution where I served.

I appreciate the mission, vision, and values of the CBFA; they align with my personal belief in and walk with Jesus Christ. I believe that all our work should glorify God – 1 Corinthians 10:31 – thus, the CBFA value of “Edifying” others by investing in them would be my goal as a board member. Many members of the CBFA have edified and invested in me over the past nine years; I hope to be able to follow their example through a leadership and ministerial role on the CBFA Board.


Vision for CBFA

(1) For the CBFA to remain a solid, unwavering, Christian organization that stands firm on the Word of God and supports its membership in academic rigor.


(2) To see the CBFA extend the support and encouragement we receive at the annual conference to colleagues throughout the year.

(3)To promote and grow the CBFA membership, especially among new faculty, young faculty, and faculty at secular institutions.


Ideas for CBFA

  • Offer bi-annual, discipline-focused, discussion forums. Members within their respective disciplines could schedule a time to meet online and discuss a popular topic or research idea.

  • Offer recorded, and/or live, sessions to help new members understand the procedures/guidelines for submitting and presenting at the CBFA conference.

  • Offer a networking group through social media platforms (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) for CBFA members to communicate and connect during the year. The CBFA ought to be more active on social media. Topics of interest, highlights of members, Q/A posts, and encouraging messages could help keep us connected during the year.

  • Offer a challenge, maybe even a small incentive (i.e., free or discounted registration fees), for CBFA members to "recruit" one faculty member to join the CBFA and attend the next CBFA Conference. Faculty who are new to the teaching profession, are young and needing mentors, and who teach at secular institutions and need encouraging, should be the targeted audiences.

  • Create networking opportunities for new members to learn from, and possibly partner on research papers/presentations with, current CBFA members.

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