2022 CBFA Board Member Candidates

Dr. Josh Sauerwein

Associate Professor of Accounting
Lubbock Christian University

Sauerwein, Josh.jpg

CBFA Member: 11 years


CBFA Involvement in Past 5 Years

I have published one article, presented at four different conferences, and been an ad hoc reviewer for the conferences and the CBAR.


Primary Value of CBFA

The primary value has been the interactions with colleagues and new friends. Their encouragement and investment in me have been invaluable.

The CBFA has meant a lot to me and my career in academia. It has shaped and molded me in incredible ways. The mission of this special organization is near to my heart. I look forward to furthering its mission and faithfully serving its membership.


Vision for CBFA

I think my vision for the CBFA is the vision currently articulated by the CBFA. This is a truly special organization that is fulfilling a unique, and much-needed vision.

Ideas for CBFA

I have a number of ideas but two might be closer to the top of the list. First, I would like to see more resources (training sessions, mentorships, podcasts, etc.) directed towards new and emerging faculty. As the number of faculty transitioning from industry (both full-time and part-time) increases, I think the CBFA could fulfill a unique role in training and mentorship. We obviously have some high-quality DBA programs across CBFA schools that are aimed at this opportunity and many institutions provide first-year training, but I believe an intermediate step exists that the CBFA could create that fulfills different objectives. These include, but are not limited to, discipline-specific curriculum development, discipline-specific faith integration, and unique challenges faced by Schools of Business. Often new faculty are just not aware of the CBFA and the resources they could provide. A program like this might be instrumental in increasing CBFA’s reach and membership.

Secondly, I think there exists an opportunity to create more in-discipline discussions. For example, the CPA exam is changing significantly in the coming years. As an accounting professor, I would find great value in hearing how others are navigating these changes with their curriculum and broader programs. I also think such discussions could easily lead to curricular and scholarly collaboration amongst faculty.

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