2022 CBFA Board Member Candidates

Larry Locke, JD

Associate Dean, McLane College of Business
University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

CBFA Member: 12 years


CBFA Involvement in Past 5 Years

In the last five years I have tried to present and/or serve as a moderator at each year’s annual meeting. For the last three years I have served as editor of the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business.

Primary Value of CBFA

CBFA has been valuable to me on a number of fronts. I came to the academy after a career as a finance lawyer and seven years pastoring a church. The organization gave me an opportunity to join a new network of like-minded business faculty from across the country in my new calling. Observing other CBFA faculty, especially those who were senior to me, gave me a candid picture of how my research and writing might progress and what my future could look like as a Christian business faculty member. It was particularly valuable when I changed universities. My contacts in CBFA were interested in my move but unphased by it. It was as if I got to take some of my friends with me from New England to Texas. I think one of the greatest values of CBFA to me has been that it contributed to my sense of identity as a Christian business professor. CBFA helped me to understand what I was as an academic professional.

Vision for CBFA

I would be unwilling to impose a vision on the Association without getting input from the membership. CBFA is not a church but it is made up of many members in the same way and I would expect us to function like a body as described in 1 Corinthians 12. Together, under Christ’s leadership, we can discern our way. My role would be to listen and faithfully report how I see God leading the members of the organization.

Ideas for CBFA

I would love to see CBFA grow and flourish, and assist its members in pursuing God’s calling on their lives. CBFA members take on a daunting spiritual responsibility (per James 3:1) and anything CBFA can do to help us all fulfill that responsibility would be a worthy investment. Are there other services CBFA could provide that would help us all grow as faculty? Please send me your ideas.
From my vantage point working on the JBIB, I get to see article submissions from a wide variety of faculty. In the course of that work, I have noted how many submissions JBIB receives from faculty at public universities. I feel a burden for those faculty in particular, imagining them serving in a somewhat lonely, and occasionally hostile, environment. (It reminds me of when I was in full time legal practice.) To the extent my service on the Board would allow me to help support those faculty, I would be keen to do it.

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