2022 CBFA Board Member Candidates

Locke, Larry.jpg

Larry Locke

Associate Dean

McLane College of Business

University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

McMahone, Marty.jpg

Marty McMahone

McBryde Professor of Business

McLane College of Business

University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

Pierce - Brick pic.jpg

Traci Pierce

Assistant Professor of Marketing

John Brown University

Sauerwein, Josh.jpg

Josh Sauerwein

Associate Professor of Accounting

Lubbock Christian University

I would love to see CBFA grow and flourish, and assist its members in pursuing God’s calling on their lives. CBFA members take on a daunting spiritual responsibility (per James 3:1) and anything CBFA can do to help us all fulfill that responsibility would be a worthy investment. Are there other services CBFA could provide that would help us all grow as faculty? Please send me your ideas.
From my vantage point working on the JBIB, I get to see article submissions from a wide variety of faculty. In the course of that work, I have noted how many submissions JBIB receives from faculty at public universities. I feel a burden for those faculty in particular, imagining them serving in a somewhat lonely, and occasionally hostile, environment. (It reminds me of when I was in full time legal practice.) To the extent my service on the Board would allow me to help support those faculty, I would be keen to do it.

I would really like to see CBFA reach more into the more underrepresented denominational groups that share the organization’s values. While there are a number of individual professors from Baptist universities, for instance, involved in CBFA, few of the Baptist business schools have an institutional interest in CBFA. I do realize the challenge that represents. Many of those universities have only a minimal commitment to integrating faith and learning. However, that is also the opportunity that CBFA has to make a greater impact on the private college environment. I would like to see us make a determined effort to recruit faculty from Christian colleges that are not currently active in CBFA.

I would like  to see CBFA Offer bi-annual, discipline-focused, discussion forums. Members within their respective disciplines could schedule a time to meet online and discuss a popular topic or research idea. -


I would also like to offer recorded, and/or live, sessions to help new members understand the procedures/guidelines for submitting and presenting at the CBFA conference.


Another idea is to offer a networking group through social media platforms (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) for CBFA members to communicate and connect during the year. The CBFA ought to be more active on social media. Topics of interest, highlights of members, Q/A posts, and encouraging messages could help keep us connected during the year.


I would also like CBFA to offer a challenge, maybe even a small incentive (i.e., free or discounted registration fees), for CBFA members to "recruit" one faculty member to join the CBFA and attend the next CBFA Conference. Faculty who are new to the teaching profession, are young and needing mentors, and who teach at secular institutions and need encouraging, should be the targeted audiences.


Finally, I would like for CBFA to create networking opportunities for new members

I have a number of ideas but two might be closer to the top of the list. First, I would like to see more resources (training sessions, mentorships, podcasts, etc.) directed towards new and emerging faculty. As the number of faculty transitioning from industry (both full-time and part-time) increases, I think the CBFA could fulfill a unique role in training and mentorship. We obviously have some high-quality DBA programs across CBFA schools that are aimed at this opportunity and many institutions provide first-year training, but I believe an intermediate step exists that the CBFA could create that fulfills different objectives. These include, but are not limited to, discipline-specific curriculum development, discipline-specific faith integration, and unique challenges faced by Schools of Business. Often new faculty are just not aware of the CBFA and the resources they could provide. A program like this might be instrumental in increasing CBFA’s reach and membership.
Secondly, I think there exists an opportunity to create more in-discipline discussions. For example, the CPA exam is changing significantly in the coming years. As an accounting professor, I would find great value in hearing how others are navigating these changes with their curriculum and broader programs. I also think such discussions could easily lead to curricular and scholarly collaboration amongst faculty.