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2024 CBFA Conference Call for Moderators & Facilitators

All moderator and facilitator slots have been filled.  Thank you for your interest.


Thank you for your interest in helping execute the academic program at this year's conference. We are recruiting volunteers to fill two roles:

  • Moderators – will serve in Concurrent Sessions.  Moderator volunteers are expected to read the paper for their assigned session and communicate with the author(s) prior to the conference.  They will manage the time allotment for the presentation, offer brief developmental feedback (maximum of 5 minutes for 30-minute sessions or 10 minutes for 45-minute sessions) after the presentation, and manage audience interaction.

  • Facilitators – will serve in the Research Incubator.  Facilitators will manage the time allotments for multiple presenters and audience interaction; they will not comment on presentations.


To maximize participation at the conference, preference will be given first to individuals that are not presenting. Volunteers will not be assigned to more than two sessions (and, most likely, only one). Papers will be sent to moderators shortly after all session assignments are made.

To volunteer, please complete the form below and submit it by Friday, September 29.

If you have questions, please email Program Chair Lenie Holbrook at

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