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2021 CBFA Annual Conference
Reviewer Evaluation

Intersection of Faith and Business

Scholarship is a core value of the Christian Business Faculty Association. Each year, we want to improve the overall body of scholarship within our academy. We also want to help you develop your own scholarship. That happens when you allow us to consider your work(s) for our annual conference and through the subsequent review/feedback process.


Reviewing is a difficult task. We ask our reviewers to complete their work within a short timeframe. While we strive to carefully assign each submission to reviewers, sometimes the matches are not perfect due to the numbers/categories of submissions received and available reviewer expertise. Please keep these things in mind as you rate each reviewer.


We instructed each reviewer to provide substantive and constructive feedback. We also requested that comments follow the principles of Romans 14:19 (i.e., edifying) and I Thessalonians 5:11 (i.e., encouraging). Now please help us determine how well we have done by completing the evaluation form below.  Please submit a separate evaluation for each reviewer.


If you have questions, please email Program Director Lenie Holbrook at

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