Membership Renewal

Active members in the CBFA pay annual dues of $50. These dues are required to be paid in full by January 1st of every year. 


As a member, you have access to these various benefits: 

  1. Opportunities to network with other like-minded Christian business faculty dedicated to training and teaching students to have a positive impact in the business world

  2. Subscription to the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business

  3. Subscription to the Christian Business Academy Review

  4. Voting privileges for various CBFA related business, member awards, etc.

  5. Participation in the CBFA Annual Conference

Criteria for Membership

  1. Members are full-time, part-time, adjunct, current or retired faculty

  2. Members agree that: 

    • ​Jesus Christ is the Son of God and through His atonement is the mediator between God and man.

    • The word of God expressed in the Bible is inspired by God and is authoritative in the development of Christian faith and practice.

    • The Christian faith has significant implications for the structure and practice of business.

    • Developing Christian education for business practice should be undertaken as a cooperative venture of this organization.


John Brown University, AR

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