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Barnabas Award

About the Award

Barnabas, a disciple of Jesus Christ in the first century, exhibited many qualities necessary for keeping Christian organizations strong and vibrant. This award recognizes individuals who have served CBFA by being a Barnabas, exhibiting similar qualities, serving and participating joyfully and enthusiastically and contributing to CBFA’s effectiveness and esprit de corps.

Award Sponsor

The Barnabas Award was endowed by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Now accepting nominations for this award.

Award Criteria

This award recognizes contributions to the CBFA by individuals who demonstrate some or all of the qualities inspired by the life of Barnabas: 

  • Encouragement: Encourages colleagues to join, serve, write, and flourish in the CBFA

  • Servant-Leadership: Accepts visible and hidden responsibilities with a servant's heart

  • Harmonizing: Builds bridges and community within the organization

  • Innovative and Competent: Advances the CBFA's effectiveness through expertise and new ideas

  • Dedication: Steadfastly serves as an ambassador of the CBFA and its mission


Award Recognition

The honoree receives a plaque, a monetary award, and a public tribute.

Previous Recipients

(institutions are at the time the award was granted)

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