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2023 Board Member Nominees

The following CBFA members are the 2023 nominees for CBFA Board member-at-large positions.  For additional information about each of the nominees, click on the links provided in each brief bio.

Glen Bryan

Through his involvement with CBFA, Glen Bryan has valued the fellowship, mentorship, and support he has received from a broad range of faculty.

In addition to serving as a Professor of Business Administration at Ohio Wesleyan University, he serves as an adjunct professor for Trinity Western University and he owns an advising and consulting service called GrowthMatrix, Inc.  He also has experience serving on several boards.

Glen considers himself a strategic thinker with the ability to execute tactically.  As a faculty member who has served at both Christian and secular universities, he brings an alternative voice to the CBFA board.  His vision for CBFA is to see a renewed commitment to faculty fellowship, support and mentorship as they are the aspects that were most influential in his early career.

Sandra Cassell

As a CBFA member since 2018, Sandra has attended the fall conferences, served as a moderator and published in CBAR.  Since joining CBFA, she has promoted the benefits of CBFA to several colleagues.

While in CBFA, Sandra has valued the relationships she has built, the inspiration, new ideas, and resources from others, and the opportunity to share her own research and experiences.

Sandra is an Assistant Professor at Evangel University where she also serves on the Faculty Affairs Committee and as the program coordinator for ACBSP.

Sandra is passionate about pedagogy, positive psychology, and the people side of management and leadership.  Her vision for CBFA is to keep it affordable and to continue to offer ways for people to justify the funding involved for their participation.  

John Delano

John Delano is a professor at Cedarville University and has been a member of CBFA since 2008.  Since joining CBFA, he has attended conferences and presented a paper.  Through his involvement with CBFA, he has found much value in being able to engage with like-minded individuals who share a common passion for infusing faith-based perspectives into academia. He has also gained invaluable insights, refined his teaching approach, and deepened his understanding of how to effectively incorporate biblical principles into the business curriculum.

John's vision for CBFA is to create a vibrant and dynamic community that fosters
excellence in teaching, research, and professional development, all while integrating
biblical principles into the fabric of business education. He believes that by providing a
platform for robust scholarly engagement, thoughtful dialogue, and collaboration, the
CBFA can serve as a catalyst for advancing the integration of biblical truth into the realm
of business.

Lonnie Leeper

Having joined CBFA in 2012, Lonnie Leeper's primary involvement has been through its publications.  Specifically, he has served on the CBAR Board of Review since 2017.

Lonnie has found immense value in CBFA's efforts to help new faculty members learn about and grow in their faith integration with their discipline. As someone who was new to higher
education and new to being a faculty member, he found the JBIB and CBAR to be key
resources for help in understanding and how to approach faith integration. In his role as Dean of the Falls School of Business at Anderson University, he has pointed new faculty members to these same journals to help them in their own journey to understand and pursue faith integration in the classroom.

Lonnie's vision for CBFA is to continue to support Christian business faculty. He believes the vision that the CBFA has articulated provides a pathway to the continued success of the organization to reach the next generation of Christian business faculty.

Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez has been a member of CBFA for over 20 years during which time he has presented several papers, served as a moderator, published articles in CBFA journals, reviewed papers, and served as the JBIB editor.  In 2020, he received the Sharon Johnson Award.

Rick values the fellowship and camaraderie afforded by CBFA as well as the creation of legitimate scholarly outlets for the work of integrating biblical faith and marketplace principles.  His vision for CBFA going forward is that CBFA be both a LIFEBOAT for biblically-minded business faculty who crave encouragement from like-minded (and like-spirited) academics, and a LIGHTHOUSE for all those who wish to know why it is so critical to engage in marketplace action and thought from a biblical worldview.

Rick currently serves as the Department Chair of the Entrepreneurship Program at Dallas Baptist University.  

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