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2023 Conference Call for Papers 

Submission deadline has passed.


Plans are underway for the annual CBFA conference. This year’s theme is “To Impact the World with Grace and Truth.” We are piloting two innovative tracks this year: a Research Incubator track and a Teaching Talks track; therefore, we will not be hosting a poster session. We welcome (a) general papers, (b) pedagogical papers, (c) working papers, (d) panel discussions, and (e) teaching talks. All submissions should be on topics related to our conference theme or on other topics of interest to the CBFA membership.  Deadline for submission is July 14, 2023.


Submission is now a single-step process. Click here to access and complete the conference submission form.


  • Submissions must be in Microsoft Word .docx format and follow the APA 7 Style Guide (see sample here).

  • The file name should include the first author’s last name and part of the document title (e.g., Holbrook-Scholarship.docx).

  • Remove identifying information from Document Properties (instructions for doing so can be found here). You may cite your own work(s) but do so in a way that does not reveal your identity as the author.

  • Prospective authors are encouraged to consider the reviewing criteria before finalizing submissions (view criteria here).

  • No author will be accepted as lead author for more than TWO sessions.

  • To expedite the process, submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be returned for rework before consideration.


The following submissions will be considered:


Submissions for 30- or 45-Minute Presentation Sessions (note: no virtual presentations)

  • General Papers - These are complete manuscripts. Dissertation-based papers are permitted but entire dissertations are not.

  • Pedagogical Papers - These are complete manuscripts demonstrating best practices in teaching.


Submissions for Research Incubator Sessions

  • Working Papers - These are manuscripts in progress. This is an opportunity to share your ongoing research with faculty in related disciplines. Each session will include three separate presentations with each presentation lasting 10 minutes. The moderator will keep time.


Submissions for Panel Discussions

  • Panel Discussions - These submissions are very detailed proposals (three pages minimum) or complete manuscripts by experts who will sit on a panel discussing topics of interest to the membership (subject to peer review and Board approval).  There will be a limited number of panels; preference will be given to new topics.


Submissions for Teaching Talks

  • Teaching Talks - These are informative, fast-paced, discipline-specific sessions. Submissions will be a description of your innovative ideas in teaching (300-word maximum). Sessions will be organized by discipline and facilitated by a Board member. Presenters will have five minutes (strictly managed by the facilitator). Any questions related to the Teaching Talks should be directed to Adina Scruggs at


Submissions deemed inappropriate for one category (e.g., General Papers) may be offered space in another (e.g., Research Incubator).


Submission deadline: JULY 14, 2023 (no extension)

Help shape the conference program. Click here to be a reviewer.


Other Milestones:

  • Notification to authors/presenters: August 21, 2023

  • Conference registration deadline for presenters: October 9, 2023

  • Submission of author/presenter information to Guidebook: October 15, 2023

  • Invited papers (APA format) for electronic proceedings due: October 30, 2023


Please direct all academic program-related questions to:

Robert L. (Lenie) Holbrook, Jr., CBFA Conference Program Chair

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