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About CBFA


Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA) empowers Christian business faculty to transform the world for the glory of God.


  • Grow and Diversify Our Membership – to include more faculty from secular institutions, more adjunct faculty, more women, and more people of color.

  • Extend Our Reach – via a complete rebranding and establishing active presence on major social media platforms.

  • Raise Our Bar – by improving the substance and rigor of our review processes and increasing the number of co-authored and/or cross-institutional conference papers and journal articles.

  • Rock Our Conferences – by launching regional conferences to supplement the annual conference and by achieving at least a 95% satisfaction rate at all conferences.


CBFA operates according to the following guiding values:

  • Biblical: We are committed to God's Word.  We are faithful.

  • Relational: We are eager to connect with and energize others.  We are a community.

  • Scholarly: We are compelled to explore and teach about God's world.  We are intellectually curious.

  • Ecumenical: We embrace diversity within the body of Christ.  We are welcoming.

  • Edifying: We invest in others to make them better.

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